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Thank you yinsters for sweet testimonies!

30 May - 5 June2015
Staff stood out:
-All were amazing
-Era, Marry
-Merry, Sri, Era, Manik & Luane
-All of them
-Everyone was fantastic, always helping me with everything with a smile. The yoga instructor, Yuni was amazing.

13-19 June 2015:
What do you enjoy the most:
-The friendly staff ensuring me had all that we need. The accommodating nature of program to allow us to add / subtract activities. The amazing food + instructors chosen to take the activity (Jess)
-Everything! It really was I could have ever hoped for the food was amazing, the staff super and the I&I day great to have a break from routine (Candice)
-Food, Yoga with Yuni, days are structured, whole week, flexibility to change structure (Aleisha)
- The food was absolutely amazing! Compliments to the chef. also the yoga with Yuni was very good and I feel the thought me a lot of few things! Everything was very well organized, so I thank you for taking care of all the detail while I relaxed. (Amanda)
- Food, surfing, People, Rooms, Yoga...etc(Lisa)
Staff stood out:
-No, everyone was equally amazing (Jess)
-Yuni is really great & particularly Kyle from Mojo, super helpful made me want to go home and continue surfing (Candice)
-Everyone was really awesome and helpful (Lisa)
- Kadek and Merry were very thoughtful and kind, nothing was too much trouble. their smiles really brightened my days! also Agus is an excellent driver and Luane, Era did a fantastic job with everything.(Amanda)

20-26 June 2015:
Any staff member stood out:
- The girl in the spa was amazing, it was Eka the freelance (Jenneane)
- Yuni (Hunter)
- All
- Era, sri, merry, agus, Yuni (Kerryn)
-I love the smile of the ktchen staff (Alexandra)

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