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Even: Yin Yoga for Staff Hotel Westin, Nusa Dua
Teacher: Yuni
Photograph by: Wirayasa Photography

There should not be any impurity, any black spot in the mind. 
A feeling of selflessness; a feeling of universalism, is the only remedy for cleansing mental impurity. Those who have fascination or temptation for external objects can gradually get rid of the mental pollution arising out of selfish motives by adopting just the reverse course. 
Those who are very greedy for money should form the habit of charity, 
and they can serve humanity through such a practice. 
Those who are very angry or egoistic should inculcate the habit of being polite, 
and they should serve humanity through that practice. Therefore, selfless service to humanity, 
and the effort to look upon the world with a Cosmic outlook, 
alone can lead a person to be established in mental purity.

Thanks ya buat temen-temen yoga di Westin, yang sudah super semangat yoga sama kita. 
Kapan-kapan kita foto lagi yuk:P

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