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Talent: Yuni
Photograph: Wirayasa Photography
Location: Petitenget Beach, Bali

The movement of each and every object of the universe is in a particular way, unless redirected in some other way by a stronger mental force. But the case of human beings is different--they have certain specialties of their own. A river moves from the mountain towards the sea, and also from the sea towards the mountain. But in the case of human minds, of human microcosms, the movement may be from the mountain towards the sea, and also from the sea towards the mountain--this is the speciality of the human mind.

The objectivity of the human mind, unlike other entities of this universe, may move from subtle towards crude, or from crude to subtle. That is why it has been said, "Mind is the cause of bondage, and this very mind is also the cause of liberation, of emancipation." If the movement towards crude is encouraged, the mind -- and at the same time the entire existence of the human being--will be converted into crude matter. It will be a path of negative prati-saincara (negative evolution). And if the movement towards subtle is encouraged, then the entire existence will be converted either into Cosmic Mind or into Cosmic Cognitive Faculty. If the very I-feeling is surrendered at the altar of Supreme Existence, then the entire existence will become one with the Supreme Cognitive Principle--one will be come Omniscient and all-knowing entity.

("Existential Flow and Its Culminating, Point," Calcutta, 1986)

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