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Teacher: Yuni
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Special thanks to Lena and friends (Russia) and hope to see you again. 

Recently I teach many prenatal yoga classes. It's always amazing to do yoga with a mother to be. So much love and positive feeling. Sometimes it just make me remember my pregnancy long  time ago. No wonder some of my fellows said, teaching yoga for pregnancy makes you want to be pregnant again (lol :D).

Few days ago, I had prenatal yoga class with 2 georgeous ladies. They're sisters and pregnant at the same time (without any appoinment before :))
The other day I had a prenatal class with 4 ladies, but only one whose pregnant. It's quite interesting, because they're all young and sporty. What can I do? I was really grateful that I have known Yin yoga. Finally I just mix my prenatal yoga class with the yin yoga. And, guest what, they're enjoy with the class. And asked for more lesson :))

I just felt a little worried before the class, because prenatal and yin yoga sometimes looks like "a boring" session for young people. But I've proven it's wrong. It gave me a lesson, never underestimate young people for their "capacity" to do "a slow down" yoga session :)


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