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Teacher: Yuni
Photo: Wirayasa Photography
Venue: Villa Pandawa Cliff Estate, Sawangan-Bali

THE PATH OF DHARMA by: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

However great may be the wealth of attainment, it cannot satisfy the hunger of the human mind, which always yearns for unlimited happiness, Those who run after wealth and reputation, name and fame, can never be happy unless they can attain an infinite quantity of the same. But because the world itself is finite, how can the objects of this world be infinite? Besides, it is not materially possible to acquire objects of an unlimited quantity. So worldly achievement-even if it is the acquisition of the whole globe--is neither unlimited nor eternal.

That what is that eternal object which can provide unlimited joy and happiness to human beings? Only the Supreme Entity (Parama Purus'a), eternal and infinite. The total realisation of this Supreme Entity brings about supreme satisfaction. In fact, behind all the unending desires for worldly enjoyment, there lies this hidden desire for Supreme self-realisation. So the attainment of Brahma is the very innate characteristic (Dharma) of human beings, the ingrained nature of all living beings.

"Dharma" literally means an innate characteristic, the nature or property of an object. The property of fire is to burn. Just as fire and its property are inseparable, similarly human beings and their property--their quest for Brahma -- (the Supreme Entity)-are also one and the same.

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