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DAY: 3
The inspiration from Home Yoga Teacher Training 2019

As yoga practitioner and also social observer, I often meet with various types of people. Not only as superior and subordinate like we meet at company bureaucracy. But I am given the opportunity not only to meet them and say hello, but more that that, they allow me to touch their heart, feed their thoughts and fill their feelings with full of colour.
No matter of their status, profession or educational background, we are all ordinary human beings who are filled with various emotions that may be partially controlled and some are under control.
And next, there was a conversation that built, start from a small and light chat and continue to a deep one. When this happens, I have to be smart to position myself, as someone who is trusted to hear their story and even as problem solver, they trusted me to join and find solutions to their problems. This stage makes me learn to be wise, so their pain heals, their burdens release, and they get solutions to their problems. And i also have to make sure they don't get involved by me in their circle of life.
As yoga teacher, i feel important to learn how to control myself before i control others. Yama-Niyama should be applied strictly so we don't fall into a circle of seemingly endless problems. Once again as a yoga teacher I feel it is very important to continue to learn and learn to strengthen ourselves, listen to ourselves before opening our ears, our hearts and our feelings to others.
Listen To Your Body is the theme of Modul 1 Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hours from our school RYS Yin Yoga World. The first modul from 200 Hours YTT invite us to listen to ourselves, be still and quiet also make observations. Our program then continue to grow and one of them is the Home Private YTT50 Hours, which had been running for the second time in our studio.
For me, learning is always interesting and even more interesting for a yoga teacher. Learning is a need, because Nyoman Wahyuni, our Yin Yoga World's Lead Teacher often said, "When we give a yoga class we are actually using their bodies, so understanding of the various types of bodies and various types of anatomy are very important, so that injury will not happen." 
Once if one injured, there will be a regret. The conclusion is that learning is always important and useful in yoga studios, at home and also in our life. The benefits of our YTT Home Private are the closer feelings of each other and intens learning, because the students are limited to only 6 people maximum. 

Our motto: "Getting closer to the teacher, getting closer to the students, and getting closer to our soul."

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