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DAY: 4
The inspiration from Home Yoga Teacher Training 2019

The sentence that I just heard directly from our lead teacher Nyoman Wahyuni, 
"It is important to learn our weaknesses so that we can give more effort to it."

To complete a process, these two words often appear in our daily basis: "meeting" and "separation". This process is unavoidable but can be delayed. For those who really enjoy the meeting process usually they will make an effort to extend the moment, and it's exciting. Like postpone our morning wake up when the alarm beeps, SNOOZE is a brilliant choice right? But  snooze is a little bit challenging and risky, we can awake late because you are would be able to drift back into sleep after several times doing snooze. For those who are very tortured by meeting someone, they will do all efforts to separate each other. This applies the opposite. The meeting and separation are set up by karma, collaborate with Sang Kala (time) and also the efforts that humans do. This happens in almost all aspects of our lives.

The fourth day in our Yin Yoga Teacher Training "Listen To Your Body",  we are met with various things that have been unclear. We learned module and practice deeper, and at the same time it certainly gave a different feeling and born opportunities for new questions, because we met something new that made us curious. It might be arise a confuse feeling in our mind, because in our daily life we often refer to western science only. We learn TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in our teacher training learns which sometimes different from western science, because it has different approach. It was proven by our students Ms.Ida and Ms Arik, as soon as they get the module book, they straight to sit and curious open the module. And just before the class began, there was an exciting discussion about body types, the slow pace of capturing module. Now it's all about a process of meeting with our self, the real us, about our strengths and weaknesses, about exploring our potential and about the depth of the soul. The sentence that I just heard directly from our lead teacher Nyoman Wahyuni, "It is important to learn our weaknesses so that we can give more effort to it."  In our Yin Teacher Training @yinyogaworld there is no shy word to learn, because it's actually a process of learn and mature of our yoga journey. The mature of our yoga journey starts when we are honest about the strengths and especially honest with our weaknesses, even though it looks embarrassing. If we are able to go through it and sincerely accept the process and continue learning, then we are the winners. 
In yoga, ego is our greatest enemy. Meet the ego, knowing and mastering it, it's the fastest vehicle for increasing our self-awareness. Like mastering a wild horse, recognize its potential and then ride on it. The horse will be a great partner to take us to a place we want to go. Someday if we are able to conquer our ego, then the spirit of Bhakti (Devotion) will dominate  and bring us to meet the Supreme Consciousness.

As explained by spiritual teacher Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Karma Samnya'sa and Para'bhakti
“Now what is devotion?  Leaving all the relative things, when mind moves toward the Absolute, that alone is known as Devotion.  When the mind moves toward the Supreme Soul, the nearer it comes to Him, there is an unknowing change in it.  The caterpillar does not know when it becomes a butterfly.  The mind does not know how changes occur in it. Thus, one day it sees that it is no longer an individual being and hence the individualistic feeling disappears.  When the mind is free from individualistic feelings, that alone is the Supreme State.”

Happy learning, happy life… Na’ma’ska’r

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