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DAY: 5
The inspiration from Home Yoga Teacher Training 2019

Like the Mahabharata war story, the scenario has been neatly arranged by its director, The Majestic Shrii Krsna. There are 3 stages that must be passed: first is a sprinkle problem, which lead us to a big war - a climax of a substansial story and ends with the results from a struggle. Cries and smiles blend together into one. There's a point where Yin Yoga Teacher Training's participants feel themselves to be an observers to theirselves, as well as objects who experience it.  The struggle of feelings and emotions that have been buried for long time forced to be pushed out, and expressed to find its balance and harmony again. And the last several days seems like nature joined in with that harmony. Rain, wind, Mount Agung's eruption, earthquake and also weather alternated and added a sense of harmony. Whatever it is, without exaggerate yoga practitioners and instructors, we must understand that we are part of it all. The rhythms of nature affects our emotion, that are conditioned by the chakra activity and the flow of prana throughout our body which is related to the vritties (tendencies that exist in humans). And remember that every point of consciousness will be definitely expressed in the right time. Laugh when you need it, cry if there is an impulse of it - as a kind of release and cleansing of the soul... and be happy because in fact our encounter has been blessed (read: karma).

On the fifth day of Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50Hrs Listen To Your Body we are conditioned to fight and move forward to win the battle, with the Dharma as a weapon in the right hand and the left hand holding the weapon in the form of courage to take risks. The task of the mentor is to equip the weapon and open the happiness door, but then only qualified students are able to walk, fight and find the next door, the door that opens wider and has a brighter light.  Walking from door to the other door, and maybe we can meet again at the other doors, ... until one day, when the door has no end, no more doors, no more guards, only a very bright light. You already familiar with the light and  you will stop. Because you have been one with that light. You are the light.  Na'ma'ska'r.

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