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"For me Gwyn is a master yoga and massage that i admire. Having a high level of knowledge wrapped in a simple and humble soul and abundance love and deep affection... it's truly a sincere dedication in the field"

By: Made
Photo by: Novita K (@wpbali)
Gwyn Williams
Everyone has a hero, or in other words everyone has role model figure in their life. Like children who like to play with their super heroes action figure. Idol's life or even a super hero's life has an important role, even its real or imaginative. The presence of an idol able to give hope or at least born the spirit to achieve a future that dreamed of. For me Gwyn is a master yoga and massage that i admire. Having a high level of knowledge wrapped in a simple and humble soul and abundance love and deep affection... it's truly a sincere dedication in the field. In a unique way, his presence was able to rise my creativity to my work and boost my confidence that I was able to pass something that Gwyn had taught me. Gwyn always inspired me to be a humble, trusted and loved figure. Even though I am not intense to meet him, my heart was strongly connected with him. 
Bali Spirit Festival 2019
My ZenThai Shiatsu Retreat days under his guidance - learning, uniting thoughts, finding perceptions and being physically close to him, made me understand that in the learning process it's very important to do satsaunga (gathering). At that moment, we will learn to understand one's feelings with another feelings. A teacher or a mentor does not have to be look perfect every time, but the closeness of feelings and abundant attention will born a wisdom and grow an understanding that being difference from other is not a bad thing, as long as we understand and always try and improve to be a better person.
Bali Spirit Festival 2019 Zenthai Shiatsu
Gwyn is a pearl that always shines and he is a source of light for one of my dark sides. Thank you Gwyn, I hope the love of the universe will always radiant and be with you. Please accept my respect, as a student, and as a friend, Made.
Gwyn Williams 

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